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These removable mud flap kits include everything you need, from grade 8, 3/8" hardware to clamp down on your choice of rubber or plastic mudflap, to 1/4" PTO lock pin.


The width is 15.5" from frame to outer end of tube.


These are very easy to remove and reinstall, very heavy duty! we have made them with a guide pin to set them as you slide into place, and then you just insert the PTO lock pin and you are good to go. 


-The frame footplate is 3/16" plate steel.

-Outer tubing is 1.5" .095wall DOM

-The inner set tube is 1.75" 120wall DOM 


There are options to weld the plates onto the frame or bolt onto the frame, we suggest welding them because you can get the exact angle you want instead of the frame defaulting you where it sends it.


You can use any type of rubber or plastic to go with this universal system, as one plate is welded to the bar and the other plate sandwiches it together when the bolts are tightened.

(NOTE) Mudflaps are not included.


Quick release mud flap kit. 15.5".

SKU: mudflapbars
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