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Lexus rear plate bumper and tire swingout. Made with 1/4" steel plate CNC cut, frame mounting plates are 1/2" thick and recovery points are 3/4" wide with a 1" hole for d-ring. bumper requires some of the frame to be cut off behind the body mount. new 3/16" plate (CNC cut) gets welded to the back of the frame face with a welded nut on inside for extra bolting point, total bolting points are 10.


Tire swingout is made with 2x2 square tubing, includes a security lock pin, license plate relocation plate, and latch. heavy duty 1" shaft spindle for the pivot.


(NOTE) We do not ship this bumper, you need to book your vehicle into the shop to get it made, usually takes 3-4 days for completion. 


please email us for more details on booking your vehicle into our shop and getting this bumper built.

Lexus LX450 rear plate bumper.

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